Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A Boutique resort of leisure - Sarolake County

When nature is all you need to mend, Kumarakom is undoubtedly the most invigorating, captivating   paradise in Kerala, God's own country. The fragile coconut palms standing here,, its never ending paddy fields, wandering lagoons and backwaters ,mangroves nesting birds of a hundred varieties can peacefully calm and exhilarate  your mind with renewed inspiration for your vocation and life. That is the untouched beauty of Kumarakom. Kumarakom, enchanting backwater destination, offers visitors many other leisure options. Sarolake County of Kumarakom is relaxed and refined world of luxury holiday experiences. so steeped in the lore of the land, in the culture of its people and in the untainted natural beauty of the region, that it enjoins you to be one with the Spirit of the Land. Sarolake County offers the view of back waters and can enjoy activities on the river from river view room. The place is truly peaceful and quiet in a comfortable and beautiful environment. The trendy style of the resort makes it ideal for young couples who are looking for a romantic getaway. We, Sarolake County a boutique resort unlike you never seen before,savoring village atmosphere with a fresh approach .This is a classic backwater resort which is stationed on the banks of Vembanad Kumarokom.